When I was a child, coming back from the nursery school, I was welcomed by the intense scent of oranges mixed with spices and sugar; it infiltrated silently through the walls of my house and my grandfather’s hands were full of the smell of it.

It was at the beginning of the 1960s when life was simple and daily things had a more intense meaning.

Ceibara BottleMy granddad is surely the person who comes to mind most often in my life. He was my hero. I remember him walking among the orange orchards and vineyards carrying me piggy-back and along the way I listened to him raptly while he told me about the magic recipe for a pale pink nectar drink which he gave to friends and travellers who stopped by and those who discovered that drink would never forget it. Those who tasted it where enraptured and tried to find out the ingredients. My granddad talked about the extraordinary chemistry between white wines, scent of oranges of various types (sanguinello, moro, biondo); the sanguinello oranges give the drink its red colour, the biondo is used for its fragrance, while the moro contains that spicy perfume. White and red wines together with the distilled alcohol and sugar, and aromas are left to maturate and complete the work of art.

Time has passed but the stories and images which I hold dear never change, like the mysterious places and the magic red sunset which warmed and gave a bright red colour to the house gate on which was written “Ceibarà”.

Now as an adult I am reliving the same emotions, I can smell the inebriating scent of oranges mixed with spices. Now, as an adult, I can drink, as my granddad did , my goblet of orange Ceibarà.

I was born in a little Calabrian village; a land of conquests and emigrants; a land where lemon and orange trees flower; a land which has often been mortified by the caprices of history although it was always capable of proudly overcoming all adversities. There were Phoenicians and Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans, and then Byzantines and Longobards, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, up to the most modern invaders come from France and Spain all of which at least we must say brought culture, art and civilization with them. This was Calabria for centuries.

My Calabria is a magical place where we can sit and watch sunset and sunrise follow each other within an extraordinary scenery; thyme and jasmine scents; the beauty of the ancient olive trees; the smell of grapes dried in the sun; a concentrate of land, sea and light which is always impressed in my mind and which accompanies me wherever I go.

My Calabria means drinking a glass of cold Ceibarà together with peanuts and raisins surrounded by good friends.

Who we are

The hazienda is found in Curinga, a small village near S. Eufemia Lamezia on the Tyrrhenian coast. In the homemade production of Ceibarà excellent quality ingredients are used, and these are produced and selected from our orchards.

Loyalty to traditional craft techniques and the quest for excellence in terms of quality, are the distinctive characteristics of this hazienda.

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