"Mysterious chords meet and fuse, forming an explosive cocktail which moves and fascinates"

This ancient homemade recipe, together with the fruits of the sun-warmed land of Calabria is characterized by the absolute lack of preservatives and colourants, and this transforms Ceibarà into an explosion of tastes which feed the body and spirit.

The extraordinary chemistry between white wines (Malvasia bianca, Greco bianco) and red wines (Gaglioppo, Nerello Mascalese) exalts with the inebriating scent of Calabrian oranges of various types (Sanguinello, Moro, Biondo) while natural aromas give it a rigorous and penetrating slant.

With its amber, transparent colour and its intense scent and its sweet unique taste Ceibarà is a precious gift with no rivals.

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